"Healing sessions with Alan have been life changing as he has helped me to address and heal some deep rooted traumas. His approach is professional, intuitive, and deeply genuine. Working with him has helped to lift my depression, increase my positive energy and be more my engaged in my creative outlets. I have let go of fear and am able to experience joy in my life!

Thank you Alan!"



"Alan is an incredibly intuitive, helpful and deeply connected person.  He has absolutely transformed my life with his compassionate wisdom and his confident skill at communicating with the unseen energies that were affecting me. I had multiple sessions with him where he lovingly guided me to parts of myself that had previously been closed off.  Doing so has freed my life up so much! Since my work with him in both hypnotherapy and shamanic healing, I have been liberated from a haunting feeling that had been with me for years and live now with less anxiety, am more grounded and so much more comfortable in the present.  He was supportive, patient, generous and calm throughout our work together. Not only that, but he is hilarious and fearless - he makes the space really safe. Go see him! It will change your life in the best ways possible that you didn’t even know were possible!"

 -A. S.


"I have such deep gratitude for the way Alan carries and allows the healing to flow through him. I sensed he carried this healing gift since I met him, but I had no idea how powerful and transformative the experience would be. Many strands of my life that were deeply painful in the past are now unified and peaceful after the soul retrieval. All that happened in the healing session makes sense on so many levels, it was exactly the thing that needed to happen at exactly the right time and was exactly on course with my life and my prayer. Alan's openness to Source and the sincerity of his prayer for happiness is exponentially healing and can help so many people very deeply. I feel grateful for his life, his intention and completely support him in this work."

"I met Alan through a friend and scheduled a session because I had been having a lot of anxiety, stress and was very emotional dealing with every day issues. I felt a heavy load lift off my chest after our first session. It felt so good and I was so happy that I signed up for other sessions to help continue having support. I look forward to those healing sessions and am forever grateful for his genuine care and help."


"I was introduced to Alan through my best friend. He had helped her deal with the loss of both her parents in one month. Knowing that I needed help, and after dealing with therapy I decided to try and give him a chance, especially after I saw my best friend just get stronger and get back on her feet and was more in control of her life. Although I was skeptical, and having suffered from depression and anxiety for quite some time now, I was looking into new ways and methods to heal myself. While Alan was doing the healing session I already felt so much relief. After the first session I felt so relieved and could not wait for more sessions in the future. He is gifted and has helped me deal with my issues and learn how to let go. Thank you Alan for being so helpful and for putting a smile on so many people's faces. I truly recommend anyone to just give Alan a chance in helping you heal and be a happier person."


"I came to Alan not knowing what to expect. One thing I knew was that I needed help. My mother had suddenly passed away a day earlier while I was out of town. My pain was so immense it felt like my heart was too small for my chest. I was grieving, distressed and in despair. What Alan did helped me tremendously. I felt so much better and could let go of so much of my sorrows during the session. I felt at peace even though I knew I had lost my mother but my pain was eased immensely. I still have grief from the loss but it is more bearable. My mind and heart feel much more at peace. I had a few more sessions with him following the initial session. I feel stronger mentally and emotionally to go on with my life and take care of my family in these trying times. Thank you so much Alan." 


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