What is Hypnotherapy?

What is subtle body energy healing?

Sessions are typically 1-1.5 hours. Hypnotherapy is an effective, research based alternative and aid to traditional psychotherapy. It is used to alleviate a variety of conditions including depression, stress, anxiety, and phobias. Hypnotherapy works side by side with all other healing modalities and is the process of entering a deeply relaxed state in which the mind becomes more responsive to suggestions and results in therapeutic behavior modifications. 

According to www.gshypnosis.com: 

"Increasingly, hypnotherapy is being recommended for medicinal use. This is a recent trend. The medical establishment only began endorsing the use of clinical hypnosis beginning in the 1950s. Now, the list of healthcare providers that prescribe hypnosis includes some of the world’s top healthcare facilities, including the Mayo Clinic and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

So what’s driving the trend? Why are more and more healthcare providers prescribing hypnotherapy?

For one, hypnotherapy is effective. Based on research, it’s a more effective alternative to traditional psychoanalysis. A classic hypnosis study found that, on average, patients required just six hypnotherapy sessions with a 93-percent recovery rate. Psychoanalysis, on the other hand, required roughly 600 sessions with just a 38-percent recovery rate."

During a session, the meridian system (a web of certain physical locations on the body that affect your vital organs and state of health) is scanned and cleared of blockages. Just like an acupuncturist moves blocked chi from these meridians, Alan helps to clear these centers of "heavy energy" or dense chi associated with traumatic experiences and memories from the past. Using the combined techniques of Hypnotherapy and an energy healing technique called the Illumination Process, you are not only supported to heal, but to clear the root causes of these mental and emotional imbalances. 

What can I expect to take place during a session?

After the initial meet and greet, you will have the opportunity to explain why you are seeking treatment. You will be guided into a relaxed, meditative state as you lay face up on a table.  This allows you to have an opportunity to have a dialogue with your subconscious mind and access places of relief and guidance. Alan will then support the clearing of any energetic blockages located in the meridians/chakras of your body, using a pendulum, rattle, and drum. 

What is a House Clearing?

Many homes have stuffy or unclear energy. This can negatively effect the balance of relationships and sleep within the home. A house clearing is a thorough energetic clearing process that brings harmony to each room of the home and supports equilibrium in all aspects. 

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