Clinical Alternative Therapy

Alan Manoukian is a Certified Clinical Alternative Therapist in the Bay Area. He has trained extensively with a variety of teachers, mentors, and indigenous medicine people from around the world since 2011. Using clinically proven hypnotherapy, subtle body energy work, and aspects of psychology he has helped hundreds of people in a simple and practical way to access deep relaxation, guidance, forgiveness, and stress relief.


"Alan is an incredibly intuitive, helpful and deeply connected person.  He has absolutely transformed my life with his compassionate wisdom and his confident skill at communicating with the unseen energies that were affecting me.  I had multiple sessions with him where he lovingly guided me to parts of myself that had previously been closed off.  Doing so has freed my life up so much! Since my work with him in both hypnosis and medicine (shamanic) healing, I have been liberated from a haunting feeling that had been with me for years and live now with less anxiety, am more grounded and so much more comfortable in the present.  He was supportive, patient, generous and calm throughout our work together.  Not only that, but he is hilarious and fearless - he makes the space really safe.  Go see him! It will change your life in the best ways possible that you didn’t even know were possible!"



(510) 780-6355